Milk and Cookys will make Bath Bombs, Soaps and Lotion Bars according to your specific needs. 

For our custom bath bombs, the minimum order is 100 bath bombs and the price starts at £2 (€2.20) per bath bomb. The cost may increase depending on size, shape and complexity of the design. The final price is subject to a consultation starting with a written description and image of desired product will suffice).

Contact info@milkandcookys.com for more details, we are also reachable through our social media channels. 


We know it can be difficult to raise funds for your activities, that’s why here at Milk and Cookys we want to support you by providing custom bath bombs, at a heavily reduced cost, which you can sell as part of your inventory. 

Contact info@milkandcookys.com for more information on prices. 


Strugling to think off a unique personalised gift? We may be able to help with that. Send us their best selfie and we will create a 6 pack of bath bombs.